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MySQL Notifier is a small utility that can keep watch over your Windows and MySQL services, notifying you of changes in their operation. Notifier is intended to run when Windows starts up and sits in the tray notification area watching the MySQL and Windows services you have configured.

Manage Services

MySQL Notifier - Manage Services


MySQL Notifier - Notifications

Integration with Workbench

MySQL Notifier -Integration with Workbench

Integration with MySQL Installer

MySQL Notifier -Integration with MySQL Installer
MySQL Notifier -Integration with MySQL Installer

Monitor Windows Services

MySQL Notifier watches your selected services and MySQL database connections for changes. When a monitored service changes state, you are notified using a notification balloon. You can then use the context menu for that service to manage the state of that service or possibly launch directly into MySQL Workbench. Service monitoring is limited to Windows computers, however monitoring of database connections is fully cross platform.

Monitor MySQL Connections

When you have a farm of MySQL instances that you want to keep an eye on, Notifier can help. Simply create the connection using Notifier or in Workbench and you can easily monitor it with Notifier. Notifier will keep an eye on the server using the connection given. If the server stops responding Notifier will gently nudge you taht something could be wrong. You can then go to Workbench or MySQL Enterprise Monitor for more detailed analysis.

Integration With MySQL Workbench

MySQL Notifer is fully connected to MySQL Workbench. In fact, they use the same connection list. So create a connection in Workbench and see if appear automatically in MySQL Notifier. If you are interested in a server enough to use it in Workbench then you likely want to keep an eye on it in Notifier. Also, directly from the server context menu in Notifier you can launch directly to either the Workbench Administration page or to the SQL Editor.

Integration with MySQL Installer

There's nothing worse than letting your software get out of date. That's why Notifier will use the new MySQL Installer to monitor your installed MySQL software and let you know when there are software updates available. If so, it will give you a gentle reminder along with a context menu to launch directly to MySQL Installer. Simple.

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